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Tax Filing

The financial experts at McCarthy & Company are business tax experts. Preparing business tax returns regardless of what s tate(s) you operate in is just one of the ways we can assist in business tax filing. We are also able to prepare payroll and sales tax returns. Our plan includes meeting with you before and after your taxes have been prepared to talk over any questions or issues you may have.

Incorporations and Formations

We understand the main reason business owners incorporate is to protect their personal assets. We can help make the incorporation process simpler, smoother, and easier in any state you want to incorporate in. Corporations and LLCs enjoy certain tax advantages that are not given to sole proprietorships and partnerships. Incorporating your business can help you establish credibility with customers and suppliers as well as financial institutions.

Tax Planning

We maintain a vigilant stance on all new tax code revisions that may affect your business and can help you understand how these new changes will apply to you. We can help you plan for the current tax year or for the tax years to come.

IRS Problem Resolution

We will work with the IRS or any state or local government for you to resolve any issue you may have. We will be in your corner throughout the process to ensure your best interests are represented and the best possible arrangements are made for you.

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