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Individual and Family Client Services

Income Tax Filing

Filing taxes is made simple with McCarthy & Company assisting you, we are able to prepare your tax returns regardless of where you live or work. To make the process less stressful on you, we will meet with you before and after your taxes have been prepared to discuss any questions or issues you may have.

Income Tax papers being thrown up in frustration by a client
Showing charts and graphs during a Financial Advisory meeting with a client

Financial Advice

Navigating personal and professional finances can become challenging at certain times. When those times arise don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or concern you may have. We pride ourselves on providing you accurate, timely, and easy to understand answers to all of you questions.

Tax Planning

We can help you plan for the current tax year or for the tax years to come. Our top down analysis approach helps to minimize suprises at tax time and ensure that you are paying in an adequate amount of taxes throughout the year. Whether you are concerned only with IRS withholding or have tax liabilities in multiple states, we can advise you on the proper course of action to minimize underpayment penalties.

Meeting with a client to perform customized Tax Planning
Meeting with a client to develop an Education Plan for their children

Planning Your Child's Education

Have a new baby or is your baby ready to leave for college soon?
We can help you plan for the expenses of sending your not so little one to college. Helping you avoid massive college expenses now and helping your child avoid massive college bills after they graduate.

IRS Problem Resolution

We will work with the IRS or any state or local government for you to resolve any issue you may have. We will be in your corner throughout the process to ensure your best interests are represented and the best possible arrangements are made for you.

Most tax preparers are not licensed to represent you before the IRS, which can cause serious problems during an audit. Fortunately, our CPA team is certified to practice before the IRS, and can defend you against any matters that may come up. That's the difference between your common tax preparer, and a full service firm.
Woman worrying about a notice from the IRS
using a calculator to formulate a budget for a client


A budget is a guide that tells you whether you're going in the direction you want to be headed in financially. You may have goals and dreams but if you don't set up guidelines for reaching them and you don't measure your progress, you may end up going so far in the wrong direction you can never make it back.
We will work with you to create a reasonable and workable budget for you based on your specific circumstances and help you implement and maintain your budget throughout the year.

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